Hiii! It's me! I'm Rachel, the redhead behind the lens, and I'm so stoked you're here! Let me tell you a little about myself, and more importantly, my dogs.


Part of being a Colorado wedding photographer is looking for beauty in unexpected places.

Dimly-lit corners of a wedding hall, faces of loved ones, and sometimes, dusty boxes in friends’ basements…exactly where I found a tiny turquoise box with delicate gold details. My friend clicked the gold latch, gently pulled on the accordion style lens, and out popped a beautiful little camera. “This looks like something you’d love,” my friend said. “Take it with you.”

The turquoise camera became a source of inspiration: a reminder to always look for hidden pockets of beauty & wonder. It also became a symbol of generosity and purpose. When I’m behind the camera, your special moments are the treasures I look for. Giving you the best moments of your wedding day is another way of saying, “This looks like something you’d love. Take it with you.”

Spills happen, even on your wedding day…Which is why I’m prepared for anything.

I bring my handy dandy “save the day” kit with me to every wedding, and I have yet to not use it. When you hire me, you aren’t just getting a photographer.

You’re getting a person who has seen hundreds of weddings, and who genuinely has your back… even when your maid of honor spills red wine on it and you need someone to blot it up as quickly and thoroughly as possible (This actually happened once, but by the time I was finished blotting, no one could tell. Crisis averted.)

I come equipped with everything we could ever possibly need in case of fashion emergencies. You shouldn’t have to worry about snafus on your wedding day. I’m here to make sure you don’t have to!


Rachel Audette, the Sparknotes version

If I were to win an award, it’d be for… Putting boutonnieres on quickly and securely. I should enter the boutonniere Olympics – my fingers are ready!

The love of my life… This cutie named Matt (who also happens to be my go-to second photographer). He was the person who encouraged me to pursue photography professionally. When we met, I was working a job I hated. Now, I get to meet amazing couples like you and celebrate love all day long. It’s the best.

If I could snap my fingers and travel anywhere in the world… I wouldn’t be able to pick just one place. Greece and Italy are my top bucket listers at the moment. And you won’t catch me saying no to anywhere with a beach (@destination brides, you know where my DMs are.)

The real loves of my life... Tony Stark and Poppy the Spicy Nugget. Tony has recently (and somewhat reluctantly) fallen into the role of big brother. His little sister, (who won't be little for long), is a firecracker, and loves chewing on and chasing her big bro. He's showing her the ropes, and although he may not admit it, falling for her more each day. They are mutually obsessed with tennis balls, love playing in any water, and get super excited for the walk to the local brewery (although they would agree the walk is more fun than the sitting around enjoying beer part). Best adventure (and snuggle) buddies ever!

Are you getting a good feeling about this?!

I am, too. Now that you know probably too much about me, it’s your turn!

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“You couldn’t pick a better photographer or human being to have along for the best day of your life! I’d choose Rachel a million times over!!"